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Hepworth 100g - Coffee (4151)

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Coffee coloured, 100g cone of tweedy 9/2nm (4ply) Shetland wool - spun in Yorkshire.

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Coffee coloured Hepworth is a classic Shetland wool in a 9/2nm count or 4ply knitting weight spun in oil. Whilst the wool itself isn't British, every step of the carding, dyeing, spinning and twisting process is undertaken in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire by a company who have a textile heritage that goes back to 1896.

Rather than spinning the Coffee coloured yarn and it then being dyed, it's the fibres that are dyed then blended together to create depth and character throughout the yarn by way of tweeds and flecks.

Coffee Hepworth is one in a huge range of repeatable colours, great for detailed blending and shading within projects and the handy 100g cones means it's easy to create a beautiful, varied palette without breaking the bank.

This Coffee coloured yarn comes to you "in oil". This oil does need to be removed after creating your project which allows the fabric to "full" and "burst" and will transform the fabric from having a slightly stringy appearance to being soft and slightly fluffier. The oil means that Hepworth has a very slight greasiness to the touch, which makes your hands feel nice and soft after working with it, though cover your lap or sofa if it's likely to be in contact with delicate fabrics for any length of time just to be on the safe side! More importantly working with yarn in oil creates a superior finish in that the yarns and stitches blur with washing and sort of mesh together - a lovely soft appearance rather than crisp stitch definition.

Due to the above we would recommend that whatever you wish to use Hepworth for you create a sample swatch before embarking on your finished piece. Make the swatch, measure it, wash it (in the way you think the final piece will be washed), dry it, measure it again and take into account any shrinkage, felting or fulling then you are confident of the outcome of your final piece.


Although Coffee Hepworth is a 2 fold yarn it's not hugely strong, but it is perfect for use in weaving as a weft yarn and with care in the warp. The gorgeous colours and blends mean it's very similar to yarns used to create Harris Tweed - weave your own unique version!

A lovely yarn to hand and machine knit with. If you are familiar with other Shetland wool yarns you will recognise the term "Jumper Weight" and that is exactly the weight Hepworth has been spun to. Otherwise known as 4ply you can knit or crochet your own versions of traditional Fairisle designs for a fraction of the price of popular brands of 25g balls. Glides through a standard gauge machine due to the oil present in the yarn, so would be ideal for all types of machine knitting or using the "cut and sew" technique.

Shetland yarn doesn't felt as easily as softer yarns (such as merino) which gives it a pretty strong and robust finish, but with a bit of bad treatment it should felt in the washing machine, especially if an old pair of trainers are included in the mix to create maximum agitation.

Finishing Recommendation from the Manufacturers

We would recommend a wet finishing process for garments using our yarns following a two stage scouring process. The first stage to remove the processing oils and the second stage to create the desired handle.

First Stage - The first scour should take place at 40 degrees C with approximately 15 litres of water to 1kg of goods. A good detergent should be added up to 10% of the weight of goods.

Second Stage - The second scour should take place at 40 degrees C with half the quantity of detergent used in the first scour. The cycle should continue until the desired handle is obtained then drain, rinse and spin using fresh clean water. If a softer handle is required a softener may be added between 0.5%-1% on weight of garments. Drain and spin, do not rinse. Garments are then recommended to be dried flat.

Suitable Crafts: Crocheting, Dyeing, Feltmaking, Knitting, Machine Knitting, Weaving


This repeatable yarn comes in a Coffee colour and on a handy 100g cone. By purchasing Hepworth you are also ensuring that a small part of the British textile industry continues to thrive.

Additional Information

Search Key hepworth
Main Fibre Content Wool
Price Per 100g £6.50
Feltable Yes
Dyeable Yes
Search Colour Brown
Crafts Suitable For Crocheting, Dyeing, Feltmaking, Knitting, Machine Knitting, Weaving
Ply 4ply
Gauge or Tension Knit on 3.25mm pins to a tension of 28 stitches and 36 rows
Yarn Count 9/2
Wraps Per Inch (WPI) 15
Length 450m
Product Weight 100g
When It's Gone It's Gone No
Washing Instructions Gentle Hand Wash, Dry Flat, Medium Iron
Package Unit No
Skein Weight No
Colour No
Colour Hepworth Coffee (4151)
Thickness or Size No