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Axminster Tutti Frutti Rectangular Rug Crochet Pattern

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A scrumptious, summery and colourful crochet pattern that's ready for you to download now!

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This juicy, zingy crochet pattern is constructed from dozens of squares of just two different designs, cleverly pieced together to create a large rectangular rug. Made using our tough and hardwearing Axminster rug yarn.


If you like to tackle your crochet one square at a time then this rug is for you. You may be surprised to realise that only two different squares make up the design, but due to the arrangement of colours it seems like there are many more. So once you’ve got cracking with both of the designs you are away, making it great for those with only a little experience or those with more who fancy a change from granny squares.

You can play around with colour combinations so that each square is different…or make each square the same so that you have a nice, even pattern throughout. Whatever you choose there’s no doubt that this large rug will impress your friends and family!

As Axminster is a rug yarn it's expected that it will last a lifetime and be hardwearing and strong, so you can be confident that it can live in any room of the house. However, you might not want muddy footprints traipsing across your masterpiece, but it will be fine to be walked over repeatedly. There is quite a bit of weight in the rug, so you might not want to carry it too far, but it is ideal to use as a picnic blanket or on the beach if you feel that you need something a bit more robust to lounge on.

Axminster is available in a wide range of shades, so you could choose contrasting colours to add a splash of colour, tone hues together for a more subtle effect or co-ordinate with a specific room. Axminster is not a standard thickness across the range, so although most shades are classed as “medium” we have some that are “fine” and some that are definitely on the “thick” side. The thinner shades will go further and the thicker ones won’t go quite as far. Once you’ve made all your squares please be mindful of how much yarn you have of each remaining colour as you may need to alter the order in which you crochet the colours for the borders to ensure you have enough to complete a round. Of course if you have more of one shade than you were expecting you can add an extra round until you run out of yarn.

If you love the pattern but don't need a rug, why not choose a softer yarn and make a blanket or a throw? A DK pure wool would give a cosy, warm effect or a DK cotton would be a cool, smooth option. Just check that you are happy with the gauge if using a different yarn and adjust your hook size accordingly.


Designed exclusively for our Axminster Rug Yarn by Grandma Jo at the spannerworks you know it will look fabulous! And as you'll be downloading you'll get the pattern immediately. Jo's patterns are illustrated throughout with both wordy instructions and clear photographs, so it's really clear to follow her patterns.

Additional Information

Skill Level Intermediate. Not as complicated as it looks, as only two styles of squares are repeated throughout. The borders are then entirely double crochets, with an increase at the corners. Good for a confident beginner.
Hook Size 4.5mm
Gauge or Tension Vary the hook up or down depending on thickness of yarn, but based on DK/Aran to give a firm rug.
Finished Size Approx. 115cm x 160cm
Quantity of Yarn Required 1500g of DK/Aran weight rug yarn
Other Requirements Nothing
Colours Used In Pattern Cranberry, Poppy, Tangerine, Sunshine, Lime, Magenta