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Subscription to issues 2-5 of this fabulous new magazine featuring Crochet, Knitting, Latch Hooking, Macramé, Needlework & Weaving projects for interiors

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Rather than buying a copy each quarter we are offering a subscription to Koel magazine for Issues 2 - 5 aimed at those of you who have already bought Issue 1 published in October 2016. Issues 2 - 5 will see you through 2017 with issues published in January, April, July and October.

KOEL Magazine is a new quarterly magazine from Studio Bloesem that celebrates crafting with yarns to create a stylish home. It brings back the coolness to decorative crochet, knitting, macramé, latch hooking, needlework and weaving.

When I stumbled upon the details of KOEL online and realised that the first ever issue was just about to be published I couldn’t believe my luck! I was dismayed to find that it’s published in Singapore by a Dutch company, but the good news was they were happy to send to us! All the crafts they showcase use the types of yarns that we stock and by focusing on creating beautiful things for the home and interiors, rather than garments, it feels as though it really fills a gap in the market.

KOEL says, “While we have seen the rise of the craft movement for more than a decade, there is no ‘one stop’ reference for the modern crafter that focuses exclusively on yarn crafting for the home. KOEL will tap into this new market and gives yarn crafters the curated content that they have always craved for in an innovative and appealing way. Selectively featuring guest stories on other vices of KOEL’s makers, such as flowers, food, ceramics and other handmade crafts. KOEL is impeccably curated through captivating photography, revealing beautifully styled spaces.”


By purchasing a subscription it not only helps us with quantities of the magazine we need to order...and therefore you don't miss out, but we are offering FREE POSTAGE on each copy so there are savings all round.

The projects within the magazine are beautiful and decorative and guide the reader and crafter step by step, making it ideal if you are new to the particular craft – macramé or weaving for example. The magazine is styled in a fabulous clean, minimal way that might not be to everyone’s taste but shows how to display your finished creations to show them off to the best of their abilities.

It would be a perfect gift for a crafter who wants to try their hand at a new craft, needs a bit of inspiration or to make something different using a craft in which they are already accomplished. It is the complete antithesis to the wacky, colourful craft magazines where beginners’ projects might be egg cosies or scarves.

Whilst it’s not cheap we are able to offer a discount on the RRP due to the exchange rate and remember that it’s quarterly too, so equivalent to just £4.83 per month. It is such a beautiful publication that you’ll want to treasure it and reference it for years to come. KOEL says, "With each issue of the magazine, KOEL...
Helps yarn crafters to connect the dots. From pattern inspiration to creating an artwork that adds to the uniqueness of a home.Provides easy steps for makers to re-create yarn designs.
Provides interior styling tips and tricks to create a contemporary interior decor with yarns.
Features interviews with makers showcasing their work in the most authentic form, inspiring readers along their creative journey as they engage in yarn crafting."


You never have to worry about missing an issue throughout 2017 and it's free postage, so the magazines will arrive on your doorstep without any thinking required!

Additional Information

Name of author(s) -
Release/publish date Jan, April, July & Oct 2017
Page qty Approx 150 per issue
Qty of Projects Approx 18 per issue
Project notes Approx half with full instructions in the magazine (not available online) and a further half illustrated with directions to online instructions
Crafts Suitable For Crocheting, Dyeing, Embroidery, Feltmaking, Knitting, Knotting, Locker Hooking, Macrame, Spinning, Weaving
Skill Level Beginner upward
Number of tutorials 2
Interviews/Stories 10
Number of recipes 3
Pages of adverts 7
Format type Hard spine magazine
Pages Colour Colour
Publish frequency Quarterly
RRP 16.00