No more yarns...

Airedale Yarns is now closed. This website is for reference only.

Thank you so much to our many creative and engaging customers - Airedale Yarns wouldn't have been what is was without you.

Why have we closed? It wasn't an easy decision, but there were a few factors that led us to it:

  • Sourcing and processing quality yarns has got more and more difficult over the last few years.
  • We have been in the yarn business now for over 30 years and although this has been a rewarding time, it's time for a change.
  • We have many ideas and (unfinished) projects we'd like to attend to and running a business doesn't allow us to do this.

We hope you continue to find interesting yarns for your projects and hope to see many of you around and about.

Happy crafting and best wishes!

Jo and Guy.

P.S. P.S. We do have an inbox linked to this website should you need to contact us for any reason. Please be patient as we won't be checking it every day!Click here to send message.


To the left you can find a list of many of our popular yarns.
This is for reference only and we are also including links for where to buy them in the future.
Please note that not all of them will be available from the original supplier as some were ends of lines, but you may be able to source them elsewhere.