About Airedale Yarns

Airedale Yarns is a trading name of Novo 45 Ltd, but more about that below… If you need to get in touch with us, our contact details are here.

Airedale Yarns:

What do we do?

  • We source, select and offer beautiful (at least, we think so) yarns and accessories for you to use in your projects.
  • We take orders through this website or through eBay and ship your order to you as quick as we can.
  • We have a retail shop you can visit and see/feel the yarns. Further info here...
  • We offer free returns. If for any reason you don’t like your items, just send them back and we’ll refund you in full. (See T&C's for full details).
  • Aside from the products on this site, we can also source yarns and associated products for people or companies that have special projects in mind, like yarn for film sets, window displays or anything else you might want to do with it! Just let us know what you’re thinking...
  • We can arrange dyeing for your or our/sourced yarns.

What we don't do...

  • Wholesale - it’s just not our thing. We may be able to offer a discount on bulk orders (min 10kg), but it won’t be wholesale pricing.
  • Take orders over the phone.
  • Sell yarns at inflated prices only to have them on ’50% off' the next week.
  • Offer any yarns we wouldn't use ourselves or have 100% confidence in.
  • Sell dull stuff.

Why do we do it?

  • We love yarn.
  • We know you love yarn.
  • We want to keep good yarn off the streets (and into your stash)!
  • There is a lot of yarn out there that is just, well, ordinary. We have a passion for the creative, different and colourful and would like to see it everywhere. We’re taking the fight to ordinary** (with yarn anyway!) so your projects can be brilliant and different - let's stand out, shout out and be proud of our crafty creations… Ahem, erm, and we need to pay our bills/feed our cats too ;-)

How can we help you?

  • Our yarns are always at a good fair price.
  • We can offer fast and tracked delivery.
  • The relationship we have with a wide range of suppliers means we can source many types of different yarns.
  • Organise dyeing yarns to your shades (minimums will apply).
  • You tell us... Just send us a message here.

Novo 45 Ltd:

Why two names?

  • In short Novo 45 Ltd is our official company name. we need to tell you, so you know we’re genuine and above board.
  • Airedale Yarns is a trading name of Novo 45 Ltd, meaning all our official stuff, like payments, billing and legal gubbins is dealt with by Novo 45 and the nice creative stuff is dealt with under the label of Airedale Yarns. You’ll always be dealing with Novo 45, but we may just call it something different from time to time.

Why is this important?

  • For you, it’s important you know exactly who we are and what we’re doing.
  • For us, it’s important as we’ll be starting a number of projects and can’t be doing with creating lots of companies (form filling is really ordinary**), so this way we have one (company) and each project can be a ‘trading as’. Simple - kind of!
  • We’d like to make sure you know who to pay or who you’ll get billed by, which is Novo 45 Ltd.

Why ‘Novo 45 Ltd'?

  • Back in 2015(!) when we were liberated from our previous jobs, we needed to make some (lots) of changes. Not only had our personal situation changed, but a lot of the projects we then wanted to get involved in - also involved change.
  • We wanted our company name to reflect this, so ‘Novo’ in Latin translates to ‘change, renew, invent, renovate, make a revolution (this is our favourite!), etc.
  • The ’45’? That’s the workshop number where we store, process and despatch all the lovely yarn!

Who are we?

  • Still with us? Cool.
  • Novo 45 Ltd and Airedale Yarns has been created and run by two people, with the help of many other unpaid (lovely) people.
  • Those two people are Guy and Jo - here is what they say about each other;

Guy (by Jo)

Good Guy!

Thrown into the deep-end "yarn-wise", Guy has learnt on the job and now has a vague idea what I'm talking about. He is really at his happiest with tech - whether it's cables and wires (they are similar to yarn), writing processes, creating spreadsheets, or building a website from scratch - he makes my ideas come to life on the site.

Jo (by Guy)

Jumping Jupiter it's Jo!

I’m staggered by Jo’s yarn knowledge. All the words, descriptions, and images have been produced by Jo - from memory. In fact her memory is so good she can even remember (and sing!) adverts from the 80’s! If you like the products and look of this site, thank Jo - it’s all down to her creative influence...

**Sorry if you’re ordinary, we think that’s cool too. No, really we do… Guy clearly got a bit excited above!

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