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Hot Water Complete Dye Kit for Animal Yarns & Gift Bag with 200g of Soft British Wool Roving Yarn

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Everything you need to start dyeing animal yarns or fabrics made from wool, mohair, alpaca, nylon, angora, cashmere and silk plus 200g of super chunky pencil roving yarn.

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This Acid Starter Dye Kit includes everything to get you started on the exciting journey that is dyeing. Acid Milling dyes are hot water dyes and are just what you need to dye animal or protein based yarns, fibres, fabrics and even feathers.

The kit contains full instructions, 25g each of 6 full intermixable Easifix All in One acid milling dyes, shade creator, pipettes, disposable gloves and 200g of pure wool so you can start straightaway.

Presented in a cute rustic jute bag to create a lovely gift for a budding beginner dyer.


Dye an incredible 1kg – 5kg of yarn or fabric depending on the strength of colour you require.

Mix the dyes to create a complete rainbow of shades and dye solid colours or play around with space-dyeing to make your own totally unique colour combinations.

Hot water dyes such as Acid Milling dyes are for dyeing protein fibres which originate from animals, so use on wool, silk, mohair, alpaca, cashmere, angora, fur, feathers and even nylon.

The yarn in this kit is a pure British wool pencil roving style yarn which is lovely and soft, but treat it gently so it doesn’t felt when you are stirring. As it's super chunky it's perfect for quick and easy hats, scarves and cowls.


Rather than shop bought colours mix your own unique colour palette for one-off combinations.

Additional Information

Search Key Acid Dye Kit
Search Colour Cream
Main Fibre Content Mixed Blend
Dyeable Yes
Finished Size n/a
Package Unit Kit
Skill Level Beginner. Everything you need to get starting with dyeing.
Other Requirements A kitchen, hob and pans, lots of space and time!
Washing Instructions Gentle Hand Wash
Colour Kit Ecru
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