?> A brilliant knitting kit to make up to 5 textured dishcloth or washcloths with optional gift bag made from recycled card and plastic free packaging

Pure Cotton Washcloth Knitting Kit & Optional Gift Bag

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Pure Cotton Washcloth Knitting Kit & Optional Gift Bag

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You may think that life is too short to be knitting dishcloths, but stick with me – what better feeling than to wash your face or your dishes with a cloth you have handcrafted and you will use on a regular basis?

The yarn is pure, unbleached, undyed cotton and whilst cotton does sometimes get a bad press, this is the least processed version of cotton you can get hold of – so as eco as we can find and much better than all the wet wipes going to landfill.

Our kit doesn't include knitting needles as most knitters have more than enough pairs, so we decided that adding a small cheap pair to the kit was just adding extra cost and potentially extra stuff you don't need. Use either 3.75mm or 4mm needles to make the cloths.

What you do get is 2 x 50g skeins of double knitting cotton, full instructions and an optional recycled gift bag, all packaged simply in a recycled cardboard box that will fit through your letterbox. There will be a small amount of tape holding the box together, but other than that the kit is free of polythene and plastic.  Unfortunately multiple kits for the moment will need to include some plastic to not only keep kits separate, but to also send them securely, though we will keep plastic to a minimum.


The pattern is for three different designs and three different sizes of cloth that have differing textures, you can easily adapt and adjust to the size you require or the texture you prefer – soothing or exfoliating!

However, if you are a beginner you will have no trouble following the patterns as there is no shaping, but instead lots of combining of knit and purl stitches to create textures and patterns. So great to practice stitches and also for more experienced knitters who want a fun, quick project.

There is enough yarn in the kit to make 5 small, 4 medium (at a pinch) and 2 large. If you made 2 large you may just have enough to make a small too!!

  • The small cloth is approx. 14cm square (mine weighed 18g)
  • The medium cloth is approx. 17cm square (mine weighed 26g)
  • The large cloth is approx. 21cm square (mine weighed 41g)

If you wish to give the kit as a gift you can choose from green, red or natural brown gift boxes but please note that this will be included flat in the box and will need constructing with either a little glue or double-sided tape.

The yarn comes on two loosely wound skeins that will need twisting a little tighter to slot into the bag, but you must wind it from the skein onto a ball before commencing knitting to avoid tangles.

If you fancy being creative you could always dye the skeins before you begin knitting, or dye the cloths upon completion. Cold water or procion dyes are the best for cotton or natural dyes will be perfect too. Please be aware that soaps and cleansing products could affect the long term colour of the cloths so check with the dye manufacturer for colour fastness etc.

Suitable Crafts: Knitting, Dyeing


A great gift for yourself or a friend to create long-lasting, reusable item. This kit is constructed and delivered in plastic free packaging.

Additional Information

Main Fibre Content Cotton
Dyeable Yes
Finished Size Small – 14cm square, Medium – 17cm square, Large – 21cm square.
Skill Level Advanced Beginner. No shaping, but lots of combinations of stitches throughout.
Other Requirements 3.75mm or 4mm knitting needles, crochet hook for loop, scissors and large eyed needle.
Washing Instructions Gentle Hand Wash
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