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Titan Polyester Cord Plant Pot Holder Macrame Pattern (Download)

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A great pattern, with clear instructions that uses a small amount of yarn to great effect.

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A colourful and easy pattern for a medium weight plant pot holder using our Titan Polyester or Dublin Linen yarns.


Macramé is on the up...and so are your plants! No longer seen as a 1970’s has-been or just for hippies and spider plants, macramé is cool thanks in no small part to knotters sharing their makes on Pinterest, but also to the much wider range of suitable yarns available. For some fun, fluro colour try our Titan cord which is a colourful pure polyester in some funky, vibrant shades or for a classic touch Dublin is a smooth, strong pure linen in bleached white or natural flax shades. Both will knot brilliantly and cope well with weather, so are suitable for outdoor and indoor use, though exposure to direct sunlight over extended periods of time could weaken or fade any yarn.

Both these cords are smooth and very strong but as they are medium weight yarns it will take longer to produce your holder than our very chunky pattern though this gives you the chance to play around with knots and colour combinations. The nature of the netted, knotted area at the base means that it expands to take smaller and larger pots with ease and will hold a good sized plant.

Titan is available in lots of shades and as such means you can combine colours together as I have done in the pattern (use two or four or just a single shade), just remember to use yarns that are the same thickness as each other if you are using a substitute otherwise your tension could be a bit off. The linen is a little heavier, so make sure you pay attention to the length you need to cut (in conjunction with the weight). If you are using a different yarn you may need to adjust the lengths you cut the yarn to before you start and always over compensate as you don't want to run out half way through.


Fully illustrated with hands on photos and diagrams and wordy instructions as well as links to useful websites in case you get stuck, and you can download now!

Additional Information

Skill Level Beginner. Very simple with just one knot repeated in different combinations throughout but gives you chance to experiment with colour.
Finished Size 95cm in length (including 25cm of tassels)
Quantity of Yarn Required 8 x 6m lengths of either Titan Polyester Cord (50g), Dublin Linen White (60g) or Natural (90g)
Other Requirements Curtain Ring (approx 4cm in diameter - can be bigger or smaller)
Colours Used In Pattern Cranberry & Fluro Lime, Turquoise & Fluro Orange Titan both with Black & White, Dublin White
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