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Skein Holder or Umbrella Swift

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Brilliant gadget for holding skeins or hanks to wind onto balls - known as a skein holder or umbrella swift.

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Umbrella swifts or skein holders are an excellent accessory for anyone who needs to hold a skein of yarn whilst winding it onto a ball - saving lots of aching arms from husbands and children! They work particularly well with our ball winders and come with fully illustrated instructions. The swift clamps easily to a table and enables you to place skeins of almost any circumference around it as it has a clever locking device to position it wherever you need it, it then rotates smoothly as you wind the yarn into a ball. The holder is made from metal with a plastic coating covering the areas that come into contact with the yarn. It comes in a handy plastic box keeping it clean and compact.


Their main purpose is for holding yarn in its skein form whilst you wind it into a ball - saving time and tangles. The maximum circumference of a skein is 150cm or approx. 60 inches.

As you can't knit or crochet (or in fact do anything) from a skein they need to be wound into a ball otherwise you'll get into a whole world of misery trying to untangle the skein. Whilst they do work well with ball winders you can always wind a ball round your hands straight from the swift.

They are also excellent for creating skeins from cones or balls. If you have undyed yarn that you wish to prepare for dyeing, just use the little handle and wind a skein from a cone keeping a nice even tension and regular size and circumference. Or similarly if you have hand spun yarn and wish to store it in a hank or skein package.

Crochet, Dyeing, Knitting, Spinning


Although not a cheap product there are more and more yarns being sold in skein or hank format and the skein holder will soon have paid for itself in time saved – especially if you buy a lot of laceweight!

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