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We're constantly updating this page, so please come back or if you can't find what you are looking for - please send us a message and we'll get back to you ASAP...


How to find products

    There are two main products on our site - a single product and a product range (a number of single products grouped together). And there are a number of ways to find them!

  1. Along the top of the home page there are categories where yarns are split into their respective category. Yarns will appear in more than one category.
    • Hover over the main category i.e. "Yarns Made From" and you will see further sub-categories like "cotton yarns", "linen yarns", etc. Or you can click on this main category to see the full list of sub-categories
    • Clicking on one of these sub-categories will display all yarns made from your choice.
    • The next page will show product ranges and single products - the ranges will show all available (in stock) colours in small swatch images under the main image.
    • You can view the product in full, quick view or choose a colour and add direct to basket from here.
    • Some ranges will have more colours in the range, but may not be displaying them as they are out of stock. To see all range colours regardless of their stock status, see "in and out of stock products" below

  2. If you know the name of the product you are looking for, go to the top right of any page and click on "SEARCH". You can enter the name of the product and see all matching items.

  3. If you're not sure of the product or would like to see a more detailed search, please use "advanced search" from the "site help" menu or from the link at the bottom left of any page
    • Here you can choose one or many choices to search for yarn;
    • For example choosing "white" form "Search Colour" and clicking search at the bottom of the page, will show you all yarns that are white in colour.
    • You can also combine searches for fewer yarns. Remember the fewer choices the more yarns!

How to place an order

    Please see below on ways to place an order with us;

  • Through the website
    • Find the products you like by using the methods above or by using a previous order saved to your account.
    • Choose the colour you prefer by clicking the small square colour swatch under the product image or description.
    • Some products will also have a size or other option - please choose one if it has.
    • Now click "Add to Cart".
    • You choice of product will now be aded to your shopping cart for you to review and/or purchase when you are ready.
    • You can continue to browse and add further products as you wish. Should you want to check what is in your shopping basket, you can click on "MY CART" in the top right of any page at any time.
    • Once in the shopping cart you can change the quantity and remove products as you wish before checking out.
    • You can also add a coupon code and check the current postage costs.
    • When you are happy with your selection and want to confirm and pay please press the "Proceed to checkout" or the "PayPal check out"
    • You will now be presented with a number of options;
      • Login: If you have created an account - you can enter your details and save this order to it and process with your saved address details.
      • Check out as a guest: Here you will enter all your postage and payment details for this order. No details will be saved (other than the order of course!) and if you order with us again in the future - you'll need to put you details in all over again.
      • Register: If you would like to save your order history and address details ,you can register for a free account - this is the same as entering your details for an order with the addition of choosing a password.
    • All methods will bring you to the Order review stage where you can confirm your payment and process your order.
    • You will get a notification of your payment and a confirmation from us as to what you have just ordered.
    • Your order will be processed and despatched as soon as we can.

  • Official PO, invoice, quotation, special order, etc - please click here for further detail.

Creating/using my account

    We offer a free account for all customers which allows you to save address details, create a "wishlist", save previous orders and many more features.

  • To create an account click this link and enter your information. You will be sent a confirmation link via email which you'll need to action before you can use your account.
  • To login to your account either login by clicking the "LOGIN" link at the top right of any page or in the check out process you will be given the option to login once you have chosen "checkout".
  • Once you are logged in you will be able to access your account details by clicking the "head and shoulders" icon in the top right of any page.
  • With an account you can add items to a "wish list" to review and purchase later, please log into you account as per above and click the icon (top right of page) them click "wish list" to see or add your items.
  • In your account you can add as many delivery and invoice addresses as you require - these can be chosen at checkout to suite your purpose.

Using Search

    We have a powerful search function built into this website that can search for individual and numerous search terms - here's how;

  • Either go to "site help" or the bottom of any page and choose "Advanced Search".
  • Here you can choose one or many choices to search for yarn;
  • For example choosing "white" form "Search Colour" and clicking "search" at the bottom of the page, will show you all yarns that are white in colour.
  • You can also combine searches for fewer yarns. Remember the fewer choices the more yarns!

  • For a quicker search, you can use the "search" box at the top right of any page to find specific products or keywords.

In and out of stock products

    This website is configured to show you only the items that are in stock on the product listing page or in the case of a single product, it will show you an "Out of Stock" message when hovering over it.

  • If you have clicked into the product detail it will show all available (in stock) colours for you to choose. For how to see all products see below.
  • For ranges of products (products with many colour choices)
    • Click the "see all available products in this range"
    • The next page will list all product associated with that product range.
    • To see individual products stock status - hover or click the item and the "in stock" or "out of stock" message will be displayed.
    • Items not in stock cannot be added to cart, but to see how to be notified when the product is back in stock, please see below.

Get notified when a product is back in stock

    Although you cannot order products that are not in stock, you can ask us to let you know when your desired product comes into stock. Please see below on how to do this;

  • This service is only available to account holders, if you have an account please login or sign up for an account as per above.
  • If your product is a single product (without colour options) click on the product and click "Sign up to get notified when this product is back in stock" - this will add the notification to your account and the moment we have stock, we'll let you know.
  • If your product is part of a range or not showing in the product detail page;
    • Click on the product range image to see the full detail.
    • Only the in stock colours will be displayed, so if your colour choice is not showing, click "see all available products in this range" link.
    • You will now be presented will all colour choices in the range in and out of stock.
    • Click on the colour you would like to see the full details
    • Under the price and text there will be a link saying "Sign up to get notified when this product is back in stock" - click this link to add this notification to your account
    • The moment we have stock, we'll let you know.

  • Please note: product notifications are sent once a day around 11:20, so you may notice something has come back into stock before you are notified - this is normal and shouldn't be reported as an error.

Finding your order

    While shopping and after you have placed your order you may want to see the details and review it - here's how...

  • If you are still shopping or haven't yet checked out. You can check your order by clicking the "MY CART" link at the top right of any page. You'll be able to see a summary and click through to the full shopping cart.
  • If your order has been checked out and is being processed you will be able to view the details in three ways;
  • 1.
    • Every order placed generates an order email with full details of the items ordered and how much you were charged for your order.
    • Your order number will be included and so is our contact email address if you need to get in touch with us.
    • If you can't see your order confirmation email, please check your spam/bulk/blocked folder and ensure our email address is not being blocked by your email system.
  • 2.
    • If you don't have an account with us you can check your order and progress by clicking here. Or sign up for one using the instructions above.
    • You will be asked to provide your order number and a couple of other details.
    • Click "continue" and your order details and progress will be displayed on screen.
  • 3.
    • If you have an account with us please login.
    • Click on the icon in the top right of the screen.
    • Click on "my Account"
    • Then click on "My Orders" on the left column.
    • This page will list all previous orders and their status - click on an order to see further detail.

  • If for any reason you still can't find your order details, please contact us here giving us as much information as you have and what you would like to know and we'll find your order details for you. Please note this could take at least 1 working day.

  • If you need to cancel an order or return products to us please our Full T&C's for details.
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