Site Updates and News

We had a great response when we launched our website in April 2016, so thank you for emailing, ordering, sharing, liking, following and feeding back to us. There have been a few tweaks based on your comments which we know will improve your experience of using the site. If you did have any issues and didn't get in touch please read on to see if the problem you had has been resolved and if not please do contact us:

Incorrect Weights

When we first began to create the site I listed all the products by their total weight in grams only to discover a couple of months down the line that they needed to be in kilograms. A couple slipped through the net meaning that Bella and Warp Cotton where weighing in at 100kg and 200g respectively and therefore requiring £36 postage (!!). This has now been rectified and we don't think there are any other errors, but if the same happens to you please let us know so we can fix it.


It might not be entirely clear when you come to checkout if you haven't read through our help pages, but you can pay for your order without needing a PayPal account even though the checkout is using a PayPal payment service. It's secure and simple to use but we know that not everyone is a huge fan of PayPal, so we are introducing a second option through a company called Yorkshire Payments where there is no involvement with PayPal at all. It will be live on our site very soon.


Speaking of security, the e-commerce system on which we have built our website have a captcha system available to us where customers have to read a wiggly word to prove they are a human being and not a hacking machine. Unfortunately the words that were being generated were so difficult to read that we have decided to remove the function from the site. We still need to be vigilant with hacking so you still need to verify your email address if you wish to join our mailing list, but we hope this captcha removal will make ordering much easier.

New Products

We now have a "New" section on the site so you can see what has recently been added. We don't want products to be languishing in there forever, so the site automatically moves them to their permanent home after 4 weeks and leaves the newest behind.

Yarn Thickness Guide

It's one of the most complicated aspects of buying yarn from catalogues, online or foreign books and patterns so we have put together a guide to demystify counts, plys, gauges and ticket numbers. We hope you find it useful and will reference it when you get stuck or use the links within it to take you to other useful websites.

Overseas Postage

We don't have an account with an overseas courier which is why there are no postage rates listed on the site outside the UK. However, since our first email we have sent products to Ireland, Spain, Abu Dhabi, USA and the Faroe Islands! We send either by Royal Mail small packet post or the excellent who give us a wide range of quotes to help us find the best price for you. Please email us with your requirements so we can calculate the total for your order.

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