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Felting Needles

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Boxes of 10 felting needles in two thickness gauges.

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Felting needles are small barbed needles specifically used for dry felting techniques in order to mesh fibres together and create felt. We have two gauges of needle - 32 gauge for coarser wool and textured fibres (noils and neppy wools) and 40 gauge for fine merino wools and fine fibres (silk tops and cotton slivers).

As the needles are quite fine they can sometimes snap, so ensure you always use them at right angles to your felt and they should last a long time. Or place into a handle for even better ease of use (also available on our site). Beginners or children would be wise to choose the General Purpose needles as these are a little thicker and can take a bit more abuse!


Needle felting is a technique which allows fibres to be felted together (by stabbing fibres repeatedly) without the need for water, so it’s sometimes known as dry felting. As well as being able to use traditional feltable fibres in needle felting, other fibres such as cotton and silk (which would not felt on their own) can be needle felted into projects.

You can needlefelt into a wide range of fabrics, though readymade or homemade felt is usually the preference. Lay down quite fine slivers of fibre in intricate patterns and the needle felting process means they stay exactly where you want them. Simply wash the entire piece of felt when you have your completed design and all the fibres will mesh and consolidate together.

Needle felting also allows you to create three dimensional pieces including figures, beads and jewellery, so it’s a really versatile, beautiful craft.



Transform your scraps of fibre into beautiful pieces. The box of 10 is an economical way to buy felting needles - share with friends or keep spares in case they snap.

Additional Information

Crafts Suitable For Feltmaking, Needlefelting
Gauge or Tension Merino - 40 gauge, General Purpose - 32 gauge
Length 6cm
When It's Gone It's Gone Yes
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