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Needle Felting Starter Pack - Needles, Handles & Free Fibre

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A needlefelting starter pack of needles, handles and assorted fibres which makes a perfect gift.

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A perfect little pack containing everything you need to begin your needlefelting adventures. You will receive a box of 5 felting needles packed in a handy recycled cardboard box, a handle for 1 needle, a handle for 4 needles, plus we'll add 25g of mixed coloured fibre so that you have something to begin with. Please note that as the fibre is being added for free we will include a selection of colours and/or textures depending on what we have available. All will be suitable to make a start with and will include both merino, silk and cotton fibres.

The felting needles can be used as they are, but it's much more comfortable to place them in a handle and it also keeps them at a right angle to your work helping to prevent snapping.


Needle felting is a technique which allows fibres to be felted together (by stabbing fibres repeatedly) without the need for water, so it’s sometimes known as dry felting. As well as being able to use traditional feltable fibres in needle felting, other fibres such as cotton and silk (which would not felt on their own) can be needle felted into projects.

You can needlefelt into a wide range of fabrics, though readymade or homemade felt is usually the preference. Lay down quite fine slivers of fibre in intricate patterns and the needle felting process means they stay exactly where you want them. Simply wash the entire piece of felt when you have your completed design and all the fibres will mesh and consolidate together.

Needle felting also allows you to create three dimensional pieces including figures, beads and jewellery, so it’s a really versatile, beautiful craft.

When you needlefelt you need to lay the fibres onto a base that is soft enough for the needles to pierce into without snapping. Our pack doesn't include a base, but you can use coarse sponge or soft foam to stab into safely.


A fabulous starter pack with everything you need to begin your needlefelting journey.

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