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Tough Stuff Fine Pure Linen

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A fine, strong pure linen yarn in a small range of colours. Available on 90g cones.
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Tough Stuff is a pure, single ply, linen yarn which is extremely strong. The thread has a slight sheen to it, and is very smooth and not hairy at all. We don't think it's been sized or waxed, but it does have a slight stiffness to it.

This is linen where we feel one strand has enough strength to be used singly rather than plying it up into a thicker yarn such as Victor. As we buy our yarns from a variety of sources this may mean in a slight variation from colour to colour, but all will have the same inherent strength, it’s just that one may be slightly hairier or thicker than another.


Linen is ideal for all different crafts requiring a strong, smooth yarn. The fine nature of Tough Stuff makes it excellent for a variety of stitching where fine yarns spun from different fibres wouldn’t keep their strength, such as book-binding and stitching into leather.

It is also perfect for lacing a piece of needlework into a frame, use for delicate macramé and knotting, warps and lacemaking, beading, braids and tassels. Linen softens with use, wear and washing which eventually will give a nice drape (this can be sped up by machine washing and tumble drying).

The yarn is not unbreakable, though we would advise against trying to break it with your fingers. However, if you need to put it under a lot of tension, such as in a highly tensioned warp or for an important stitching piece, just test it first to make sure that it is strong enough for your job.

The white shade is bleached making it an ideal base for dyeing to your own colours with cold water dyes.

Beading, Bookbinding, Braidmaking, Embroidery, Lacemaking, Knotting, Macramé, Tasselmaking, Weaving


A strong, versatile thread that’s difficult to source in a range of colours. Repeatable, but not necessarily in exactly the same shades and more colours will be added to the range.

Additional Information

Main Fibre Content Linen
Price Per 100g £4.03
Feltable No
Dyeable Yes
Crafts Suitable For Beading, Bookbinding, Braidmaking, Dyeing, Embroidery, Jewellery Making, Knotting, Lacemaking, Macrame, Tasselmaking, Weaving
Ply 1ply
Gauge or Tension -
Yarn Count Approx. 6.5/1nm
Wraps Per Inch (WPI) 50
Length 590m
Product Weight 90g
When It's Gone It's Gone No
Washing Instructions Gentle Hand Wash, Machine Wash at 30⁰, Dry Flat, Can Be Tumble Dried, Medium Iron
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