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Recycled Cotton Cord 300g+ Cones - Optic 8 (4mm)

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300g+ cones of recycled cotton cord – bleached.

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A very strong, bleached white undyed recycled cotton yarn available in on this handy sized cone. 4mm is a very useful thickness of macrame cord and these cones have a minimum of 60m, though will probably be more - perfect for beginners to experiment with and plenty of length to create a plant hanger.

This cord is identical to our Recycled Cotton Cord 1kg Spool yarn, and we were commissioned to create some smaller spools which involved winding 300g+ off the kilo spools to leave behind a set size. This is the cord we wound off, but as our winding machines slightly struggle with thick yarns, some of the cones might be a bit wobbly. The cord is perfect with no joins and has given us the opportunity to offer a smaller size if 1000g is too much!

Recycled from the offcuts of shredded cotton sheets (never worn or used) and combined with up to 20% of "new" fibres before being spun. The cord is “pre-shrunk” so won’t shrink once used, making it especially useful as a piping cord.

*Also available on 100g hanks* *Also available on 1000g spools*


60m is ample to macrame a good sized plant hanger (chop into 8 equal lengths and see our downloadable pattern for full details), a small wall-hanging or lots of small jewellery or feather macrame pieces. Perfect for beginners who don't want to commit to buying a full spool.

As it’s so strong the cord is also suitable for weaving in the warp and other heavy duty projects whether sculptural, wall-hangings or experimental pieces. Great in soft furnishings and upholstery as a piping cord, make chunky braids and tassels, knit or crochet into bathmats or runners or 3D vessels.

The cord can be dyed with cold water dyes to transform it to your own colourways (as the cord is quite dense and includes a small amount of polyester it's wise to choose paler shades or be prepared for a slightly mottled effect due to the pigment struggling to penetrate throughout the yarn).

Braidmaking, Crocheting, Dyeing, Knitting, Knotting, Macrame, Rugmaking, Tapestry Weaving, Tasselmaking, Weaving


The cord is regularly available as we expect the commission to continue as the cord is so popular.

Additional Information

Search Key RecCotSpool
Main Fibre Content Cotton
Price Per 100g £1.32
Feltable No
Dyeable Yes
Search Colour White
Crafts Suitable For Braidmaking, Crocheting, Dyeing, Knitting, Knotting, Macrame, Rugmaking, Tapestry Weaving, Tasselmaking, Weaving
Ply 3ply
Gauge or Tension 4mm wide
Yarn Count No
Wraps Per Inch (WPI) 6
Length minimum 60m
Product Weight 300g
When It's Gone It's Gone No
Washing Instructions Gentle Hand Wash, Machine Wash at 30⁰, Dry Flat, Hot Iron, Iron Under Damp Cloth
Package Unit No
Skein Weight No
Colour No
Colour Optic/Bleached
Thickness or Size Type 8 (4mm)
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