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Trojan Best Twist Cotton Cord 250g

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250g cones of very strong, smooth unbleached (undyed) pure cotton with a best twist.

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Trojan is a very strong, high quality, high twist pure cotton yarn available in three different thicknesses and three different sized cones to give you the perfect amount for your project. The thicknesses begin at 1.9mm with 2.3mm and 2.9mm and the cones begin at 100g with 250g and 500g options.

It has a “best twist” as it is made from multiple ends of fine, smooth cotton twisted together and then back on themselves. This is a very time-consuming production method, but creates an exceptionally strong, smooth yarn and adds to the strength and appearance.


A perfect macrame cord for lighter weight pieces without worrying about weakness or stretching. Trojan can be combed out nicely into fringing, but it will have a slight kink to it due to the high twist.

As it’s so strong the cord is suitable for weaving in the warp, macrame and other heavy duty projects. It is the ideal warp yarn for tapestry looms, table and floor looms, peg looms and tablet weaving looms. Excellent for knotting crafts and will create very tough braids and tassels. Trojan can be knitted and crocheted and would make very strong and robust bags, bowls, boxes, pouffes or floor cushions.

Makes a really useful all round string when a picture needs re-stringing or a strong string in the garden is required.

The cord can be dyed with cold water dyes to transform it to your own colourways. As it is quite dense it might not dye quite as quickly as other cotton yarns as the pigment may struggle to penetrate through the twists, but should eventually give good results.

Braidmaking, Crocheting, Dyeing, Knitting, Knotting, Macrame, Rugmaking, Tapestry Weaving, Tasselmaking, Weaving


The cord is regularly available, is a brilliant price (especially compared to other macrame type cords per metre) and really versatile.

Additional Information

Main Fibre Content Cotton
Price Per 100g £3.25
Feltable No
Dyeable Yes
Crafts Suitable For Beading, Bookbinding, Braidmaking, Crocheting, Dyeing, Jewellery Making, Knitting, Knotting, Lacemaking, Macrame, Rugmaking, Tapestry Weaving, Tasselmaking, Weaving
Ply n/a
Gauge or Tension Thin - 1.9mm, Medium - 2.3mm, Thick - 2.8mm
Yarn Count -
Wraps Per Inch (WPI) Thin - 13, Medium - 11, Thick - 9
Length Thin - 225m, Medium - 150m & Thick - 110m
Product Weight 250g
When It's Gone It's Gone No
Washing Instructions Gentle Hand Wash, Machine Wash at 30⁰, Do Not Wring, Dry Flat, Can Be Tumble Dried, Hot Iron, Iron Under Damp Cloth, Can Be Dry Cleaned
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